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Contact No: +91 9898257016

Email ID: ronakvtcbb@gmail.com, dr.ronak.k.panchal@gmail.com

Skype ID: ronnypanchal

Latest Resume:  2022_Nov_RONAKKUMAR_KANTILAL_PANCHAL_Ontologist

  • PhD in Computer Science
  • MSc Information and Communication Technology
  • Post Graduate in Diploma Research Methodology
  • Certification in Post Graduate in Data Science
  • BSc in Computer Science

“ Hello World” it’s for beginner, that open every door. “

Here is Dr.(Prof.) Ronak K Panchal ( PhD in Computer Science ).

I would like to say something about me. I am Senior Data Scientist and an IT Project – Manager in Cognizant MNC company at Pune Location. I was a former Assistant Professor and Trainer in the field of Computer Science and Information & Communication Technology [ICT]. I have 12.2 years of academic experiences  which is spread across different domains like education, Training, and Development. I have cleared Associate Professor stage too. And I have 2.6+ years of IT MNC experiences. My core expertise are in database(SQL/NoSQL), Sematic Web, Knowledge Graph, Ontology/RDF/SPARQL, Data Science(Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP) and Cloud technologies(AWS / GCP / Azure). I have certified in Snowflake, Neo4j, AWS Database specialist and GCP Cloud Associate Engineer.  I would like to learn many technical programming language and subject simultaneously. I have mentioned my Skills which are as following

  • Should have knowledge of Developing logical, semantically rich, and extensible data models.
  • Should have worked on creation and maintenance of Taxonomies ( poolparty ), Knowledge representation (Knowledge Graphs –  Protégé  RDF Graph, Ontology) using Semantic Web standards.
  • Should have working knowledge of RDF, RDFS, OWL, SKOS,ESCO, Property, HealthCare, Uniprot, SIO, Gene, Disease Sustainable and Digital Ontology.
  • Should have working SPARQL knowledge for Triplestores and the associated tool stacks like Top Quadrant EDG, Protégé, SmartLogic, Apache Jena Fuseki, Virtuoso, GraphDB, Blazergraph, Amazon Neptune, neo4j with neosemantic, Protege, TOP Quadrant EDG, Semaphore.
  • Should have working knowledge of JSON-LD and SHACL validation based Validation for Knowledge Graphs.
  • Should have fair understanding of CSV, nt,ttl, jsonld, owl, rdf file conversion using cellfie plugin and csv2rdf using tarql
  • Should have working knowledge of WIDOCO and LODE ontology documentation
  • Should have working knowledge of FE: ReactJS, Flutter and BE: hands-on experience working with Python/Django/Flask, PHP/C#/Java spring boot/NodeJS DB: SQL, postgreSQL, Oracle SQL/PLSQL, Sqlite3, SQL server and mongoDB
  • Should have working Knowledge of Chatbot Development (using Dialogflow or any other platform)
  • Should have experience working on ML or NLP projects
  • Should have experience of data scraping and automation
  • Data Science Knowledge of ML libraries like tensorflow, pytorch, scikit learn, pandas, numpy, etc
  • Should have working knowledge of Graphs, NLP (BERT, GPT, Word Embedding, NER,Custom NER,nGram, topic modeling), Machine Learning, Graph Learning, Neo4j and NodeJS
  • Should have working with AWS Service like S3, EC2, Glue (PySPARK), DynamoDB, Step Function, Lambda, Neptune (Tinker POP – Gremline and RDF Graph SPARQL), Athena, Cloud9, SageMaker, Code Buider
  • Should have working in AWS Service of Elastic Search with Kibana for fuzzy searching
  • Should have working in Microsoft Azure Databricks and Warehouse like snowflake
  • Data Visulization tools: Tableau and google Data studio
  • DevOps: basic Docker command, GitLab CI/CD and terraform scripting
  • Knowledge of Figma and Adobe XD for UI/UX
  • Canvas/ CorelDraw for Logo & Brochure Designer.
  • Published and presented 25 Research paper in National and International.
  • Written 9th Books which contents are covered core knowledge for MCA, BBA, BCA and Other Computer Science and IT students.
  • Github Link: https://github.com/ronupanchal
  • Google Scholar Link: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=YPRobzgAAAAJ
  • My PhD Thesis: https://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/310228
  • https://www.tutorialspoint.com/tutor/ronakkumar_kantilal_panchal/18758
  • Another Blog is  ronakkpanchal.blogspot.com.

Ronak Panchal, CEO & Founder


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